Janet McKelpin
Principal, Designer

Hailing from Hawaii, where she studied graphic design at the University of Hawaii, Janet brings an unmistakable island ease and warmth to all of her professional relationships. She reserves her intensity for her creative process, during which she explores, defines, and designs with a probing mind and a critical eye. Janet has been thoughtfully solving client design challenges for 18 years, since the founding of Dayspring Technologies and, subsequently, Dayspring Studio.

James Kye
Principal, Strategist, Copywriter


Both analytical and creative, James bridges business and possibilities. Originally thinking he would become an engineer, James instead graduated with a major in psychology and a minor in painting from Stanford University. Over the course of 15 years in advertising and branding, he has helped clients of every size – from Fortune 500 corporations to startups – by producing presentations, establishing brand foundations, and writing copy that resonates with audiences. 

Ann Ku Fox
UX Designer

Ann brings over 15 years of design acumen to her role as User Experience Lead at Dayspring. When leading the UX Design process from concept through final design, she relentlessly seeks to create coherent, elegant solutions. She strives to simplify complexity. In addition to UX Design, Ann is passionate about supporting humanitarian organizations such as International Justice Mission and The Business Revolution in South Africa. She graduated from Stanford University with a MA and BA in Psychology.

Paul Tomanpos, Jr.

Paul holds a BA in Industrial Arts with an emphasis on Product Design and graduated with distinction from San Francisco State University. In 2005 Paul joined Dayspring and made a shift to web design. Since then he has been employing his grounded aesthetic sensibilities – shaped during his training in product design – and innately curious mind to create wonderfully useful designs. A bit of a design geek, his favorite books include The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman and Universal Principles of Design by William Lidwell et al.

Emma Chiang
Photographer, Videographer

Emma tells stories through capturing moments. She hopes each image she captures connects communities of people together changing the way they see the world. Motivated by compassion, she studied photojournalism at San Francisco State University where she learned the power of storytelling in both photography and videography. You can find Emma photographing the streets of San Francisco documenting humanity and the world around. 

Edwin McKelpin


Ed developed a passion for photography later in his career. A designer by trade, he started capturing the world through a lens as another outlet to express his creativity. A favorite subject to photograph is the city of San Francisco, full of natural beauty and man-made character. Ed brings structure and clarity to all of his design work that results in an understated refinement. He met Janet while they were both students in Hawaii.

Ben Chang
SEO Manager


When you talk with Ben, it quickly becomes clear that he has a mind with a technical bent, which he uses to help businesses get found by search engines. But fortunately, he's also patient and has a gift for explaining complicated concepts with easily understood illustrations, ensuring none of us get lost in the technical weeds of the Internet. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. 

Reed McCoy

Reed simultaneously has an old soul and a childlike sense of wonderment, both of which help him see – and capture – the magic in even quotidian objects. His work often has an ethereal glow, thanks in part to the fact that he specializes in film photography, an increasingly rare thing these days. A native of Tennessee, Reed exudes the charms of Southern hospitality but, to our disappointment, speaks without a Southern drawl (unless pressed).